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Selling Your House?

Do you own a house and need to sell quickly?  Has your listing expired?

Have you been transferred?  Downsized?  Family growing? Shrinking?

Estate Sales?

Are you 100% financed? Behind on payments?  In foreclosure?  Are there liens on your house?

Is your house vacant?  Fire damaged?  In need of repairs?

These are common problems that can happen to anyone.

I buy houses from people in situations just like yours in almost any area or price range.  I specialize in finding creative solutions to real estate problems others won't touch.  I can close quickly and will handle all of the paperwork.

I am not a Realtor.  I am not associated with any real estate agency.
  I am a real estate investor who wants to buy your house. 

Call now to find out how I can put your real estate headaches behind you.  (Rarely do problems just go away.  Call now.  Let's find a solution for you)

Looking for a Deal??
Not only do I buy houses....some are rented, some are flipped, some are sold with creative financing, and some are optioned

Visit my "Listings" page for some great deals for investors, rehabbers, or owner occupants

Optimal Home Solutions LLC
P.O. Box 1465
Norton, OH 44203
Fax:  330.319.7878

P.O. Box 1465, Norton, OH 44203                                 330.697.2670                                                              Fax: 330.319.7878
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